Brunette and redhead

Cinderella, Drizella and Anastasia from Disney's Cinderella. Aoi is honey-blonde, Ema is the brunette, while Shizuka is the redhead. Season 3 adds another brunette - Rosa Mendes.

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Brunette and redhead
Brunette and redhead

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Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

The three alpha bitches brunette and redhead GBF: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure first half of part 3 Stardust Crusaders has black-haired Jotaro Kujothe bright red-haired Noriaki Kakyoinand the silver haired Polnareff in a manly gender-flipped version. Also somewhat subverted as a cliche in that the three characters are based on three real women, who were a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. Birth by Sleep then gave us Terra brunetAqua blue hair and Ven blond.

Brunette and redhead
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In 9 to 5the main female lead fit the trope as; Judy redheadViolet brunetteand Doralee blonde. In Pacificatorsfrom the main cast alone, there are two brunettes Daryl and Munecaa blonde Redheada redhead Cinna and two with black hair Bismun and Taffe. Brunette far, he's and involved with one canonical love interest Vestara Khai, brunettehad one off-hand flirtation with another Jedi Seha Dorvald, redhead and been the recipient of one really twisted molestation attempt as a part of a Sith plot Tahiri Veila, blonde. Of course, the so-called redhead is a shy girl, whereas the purple-haired black girl is the sports loving genki type. Faye troubled brunette and Nona brunette and redhead redhead.

Brunette and redhead
Brunette and redhead
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