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Will your story contain a race of centaurs, complete with families, culture, cities, etc. And while it could well be that a baby centaur couldn't reach the mother's nipples while both were standing, centaurs are tool users and don't have to worry about running from wolves at a moment's notice. Depending on choice baby centaur will either die or die. Human Nipples Long Answer:

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Illustrated suck my teats

Impacts of self- and cross-sucking on cattle health and performance

Even if you argue that centaurs could have evolved to do this, it may be impossible to reach the teats with their flat faces. Unless the story makes centaurs some kind of "drunken god's jest" then it's kind of a silly notion that the milk from the equine teat is different than the milk from the human teat, unless there was a biological reason for it. Aside teats "nursing teats one arm" I think you've illustrated suck breastfeeding accurately. Pros and cons of the equine teats: This would provide the same general posture for the children as with the other option, but would require less deviation from a classic horse torso.

Illustrated suck my teats
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Illustrated suck my teats
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Illustrated suck my teats
Alcohold effects on teens

Factors associated with intersucking in Swiss dairy heifers. MEM and AEA have formulated the research plan, conducted experimental procedures, illustrated suck my teats prepared the drafted manuscript. Sucking motivation and related problems in calves. They will also roll on their backs and kick their legs in the air. Modern Calves and Heifers:

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Illustrated suck my teats
Illustrated suck my teats
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