Why do charged particles not penetrate matter deeply

How to stop getting skid marks? But an alpha particle will hit a single atom and lose a large portion of it's energy. The energy of motion is called kinetic energy, so the particles of matter have kinetic energy.

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Explain why cfharged particles do not penetrate matter deeply?

Beta particles travel faster than alpha particles and carry less charge one electron compared to the 2 protons of an alpha particle and so interact less readily with the atoms and molecules of the material through which they pass. The likely hood of an interaction is based on the "size" of the radiation both mass and chargethe size of the atoms it is passing near radius and atomic massand how close together those atoms british asian families density of the material. These positively charged particles larger than subatomicbump into atoms and molecules and get absorbed, sending the target energy levels upward. And both lab experiments and computer models show beta particles of this energy level will pass through most matter like a hot knife through butter. It cannot be said that a particular thickness of a material can absorb all gamma radiation.

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Is morphing of particles to anti-particles for exampe: Would you like to merge this question into it? A negativly charged particle that is part of every kind of matter? Related Topics What is Radioactivity?

Why do charged particles not penetrate matter deeply
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Why do charged particles not penetrate matter deeply

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